6 useful tips to celebrate kids’ birthday economically and joyfully


Making a birthday celebration for kids is really parents’ concern. How to make this party with fun and money saving. Let’s think about tiNiWorld’s 6 useful tips.

1. Thorough preparation


Our ancestors usually say that idiom “Look before you leap” Although parents have much workload everyday, you should have detailed plan for this special day. Think about how to send invitations, what to eat and drink, how to decorate beautifully!  need to be scheduled carefully. And then, you will know exactly about the basic cost in order that you can have right objective and cut down other redundant costs.

Handling all tasks of your kids’ birthday party means that the chance of success is very high, doesn’t it?

2. Celebrating kids’ birthday at home or outside?


Parents often think that celebrating a birthday party for kids at home will be much cheaper. It is sometimes wrong thought. To kids, birthday party must be so cheerful.Thus, they should prepare some decorations as well as food and drinks. Due to not much experience, it sometimes wastes a lot of time and money.

So, parents should ask birthday organizers to call for a help, which ensures the success of the party. There are many places supplying full-package services with competitive price that helps you to save some budgets.

3. Be flexible when decorating the party


Your kids fall in love with many cute characters like Minions, Elsa,… and they want to decorate the party in this adorable theme. It is definitely right that all parents think this is so hard to try. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to decorate the whole party like scenes in cartoons. We just need some cute accessories like cute dress, colorful balloons or plates and glass which constitutes to a favorable party theme.

4. Be creative in holding the party


The birthday of kids? There is no lack of clowns, mascot to make a lot of fun. Or hire some magicians, circus man to increase the surprising atmosphere? But this is so expensive and hard to find. Therefore, you can consider organizing some gifting games for kids. If your home has a large space, games like blind man’s buff, dragon snake are perfect choice. If not, let’s think about funny quiz, singing contest..

5. Economical birthday food


It is so wasteful for parents to prepare a big cake. You can replace them by colorful cupcakes combined with some cute candles.

Other dishes like fried, grilled or boiled chicken is not fit with many kids. Some food with lots of bones can make children feel not interested. Some good suggestions that parents should know are sausages, soup, meatballs…

6. Be comfortable

There is no need for worries when the party doesn’t happen perfectly. Because birthday organization for kids contains many arising problems that are not your  expectation. In conclusion, this is wonderful party when you and your kids share a memorable time together.

Solution for celebrating birthday for kids cheerfully and economically


In order to help parents to hold a happy birthday party with reasonable price, tiNiWorld opened an amazing service: full-package birthday organization for kids at Playcenter. If it is your concern, search more details at:: http://tiniworld.com/vi/tiec-cho-be/

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