tiNiWorld’s birthday party services for kids are perfect choices of parents and children living in Vietnam. With the dimension of 2000-3000 square meters and with over 30 differents play corners, tiNiWorld play centers are truly best birthday venues for your kids.

Unique party program

Enjoy fun performance activities such as magicien, mascot playing, circus clown, soap buble art… right in the party

Time to shine

Feature your child as host of the party. Help him/her shine in the most important day of the year

Free tickets for everyone

Your child and friends will be free to play for 1 day in the best recreation center in Vietnam – tiNiWorld

Follow these 3 easy steps to book a party at tiNiWorld

Step 1: Select birthday theme

tổ chức sinh nhật cho bé tại tiNiWorld

juNo theme: dedicated to dynamic kid who has same characteristic with Juno the lion: loves blue color or dream to be leader one day

quà sinh nhật bé tại tiNiWorld

teRa theme: dedicated to kid who has same characteristic with teRa the Cat: sweet, sensible, intelligent and in love with logical thoughts and ideas

chủ đề tiệc kilo

kiLo theme: dedicated to kids who has same characteristic with “silly-face” kiLo – The hippo: gentle, hard-working and love cooking so much

chủ đề pica

piCa theme: dedicated to kid who has same characteristic as piCa the Rooster: active, artful and love all kinds of performances

chủ đề chung

General theme: dedicated to BIG fan of 4 tiNi friends: juNo, teRa, kiLo, piCa. They will appear in your child’s party and bring surprise happy

trang trí sinh nhật cho bé tại tini

Custom theme: it means that parents and kids will provide ideas for party theme and tiNi staffs will do all the best to make it real

Self – decorating party room to make it appears beautiful is hard-to-do task for family members who want to organize birthday at home. That’s why we are here to help. Let’s go to tiNiWorld and you will have amazing, fully-decorated party room without hassles. Call us or fill in below contact-form to book your dream party right now!

Step 2: Select add-on services

Party menus

thực đơn sinh nhật

We are offering a diverse selection of birthday foods for you to choose


tiết mục biểu diễn

Amazing moment for your child when watching and interacting with magicien, clown and buble maker rith at the performances

Custom theme

chủ đề trang trí sinh nhật

With just tiny fee, your family with have customized and unique party theme with special animation character

Step 3: Register and Pay

Good news for parents who want to book a party at tiNiWorld. Your child will enjoy amazing birthday package for a very affordable price: just 140.000 VND (~ 6.3 usd approx) per kid (please book a party for at least 10 kids) . Not only that but each guest will have one child with one parent ticket for free (save up to 120,ooo VND/kid). It also means that after party time, your child and all friends will enjoy playing in tiNiWorld center allday without paying any extra. How does that sound? Very Sweet. That’s why your guests have no reason miss out such great party experiences in tiNiWorld!

khuyến mãi khu vui chơi

If you already own VIP card, you will have 10% extra-discount for party fee. It’s impossible to find other party providers who offer up to 90% discount like us (do you remember free entry tickets?). We are pretty sure that values that we offer in birthday party have exceeded the price you pay.

Are you ready to book a party? Get in touch with us now to get the best price!


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