Guidelines to celebrate birthday party for kids at tiNiWorld


Do you think about enjoying birthday celebration for kids at tiNiWorld Edutainment Centre. We will give you detailed instructions.

Should we celebrate a kids’ birthday party at tiNiWorld?

Birthday party at tiNiWorld is exclusive for kids aged 0-12 years old. Therefore, many performances, on-stage programs and good dishes are only for kids who will have the best experience on this special date. It is the most intelligent choice if parents want to organize an unforgettable birthday party.  


Guidelines to make birthday party for kids at tiNiWorld.

  1. How to contact us for placing an order.

There are 2 ways to order a birthday party at tiNiWorld:

Way 1: Fill in the registration form to order at tiNiWorld birthday page:  


After completing this form, you will be contacted by our staffs through phone within 24 working hours. Therefore, your info like phone and email need to be exact for us to contact.

Way 2: Choose one of our centers and contact us.


Please carefully consider the center based on distance to your home, kid’s school… and then call us by hotline. Parents will be advised and quoted in detail.

2. Necessary information about birthday party

Here they are:

  • Date and time of the party
  • Which center you want to organize
  • Estimated quantity of participants
  • Decoration theme (able to choose available themes or special theme)
  • Some notices and special demand of each family)

The more detailed the information is, the more advantageously tiNiWorld’s staffs arrange to celebrate the party for your kids. If your time of party is the same as that of other parties at tiNiWorld, we will recommend other tiNiWorld centers suited to your requirement.

3. Ideal party made by parents


Birthday party at tiNiWorld will be arranged suitably, so you almost don’t take much care. However, you should be concerned about whether participants take part in or not or which is your kids’ favor before holding that party.

Besides, your adorable kids are the center of that party, so let’s send us some memorable images which are used to make some decorations.

4. Free services for birthday party

These services below will be free at tiNi birthday party for kids.

  • Decoration for birthday room with available theme
  • MC speaking Vietnamese
  • Plan the party
  • Mascot (1 tiNi character)
  • Basic dishes: drink, popcorn
  • Organizing stage

5. Services with fee for birthday party

  • Decoration room based on your requirements: Frozen, Mickey, Minions…
  • MC speaking English
  • Variety performance stage: circus, magic show, balloons, clowns…
  • Good dishes at tiNi, KFC and Jolibee…
  • Other special requirements arisen.


Now, you already knew some basic info. about celebrating the party at tiNiWorld. This is an attractive full-package birthday party with competitive price. If your kids are born on this month, let’s hurry up to contact us and place an order before other parents do.  

Place a birthday order for your kids now!

Thank you for your following.

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