Should we make birthday party at home ourselves?


Currently, parents often prefer celebrating birthday party at home than doing outside. What about enjoying the party outside? Let’s explore our useful recommendation below:


A memorable birthday party is good for kids, you should spend much time on it. But preparing at home is not always a good choice for some reasons below:

  • Some of you are not good at decorating and cooking good dishes.
  • Busy work schedule makes you not concentrate on this party.
  • Narrow space at home makes an uncomfortable atmosphere.
  • Not enough parking space,
  • Stubborn kids makes home untidy.
  • Cleaning the house is so time-consuming and tiring.

That is why tiNiWorld becomes a good choice to celebrate this special day. Let’s enjoy our comfortability made only for your kids.

Perfect choice to replace birthday celebration at home

Your kids can have valuable chance to experience a funny birthday party at our magic tiNiWorld. This is the world of good dishes, fresh drinks and amazing performances in many cheerful corners.


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Instead of tiredly decorating, cooking and inviting people, tiNiWorld will help you to do that all.

Bring your kids’ best birthday ever

Within 24 working hours, we will contact you to consult party information. There are nothing more perfect than celebrating at large place as tiNiWorld. Proactive sons can both play Hot Wheels and Thomas Train while cute daughters fulfill their dream of being beautiful princess. Specially, we carefully decorate an exclusive Baby corner for little kids under 2.

Wow, the playing paradise for kids is tiNiWorld, for sure.

Đường đua hotwheel

Feeling so cheerful and exciting with our lively cheerleading team. Besides, our cute clowns, magicians, ballons witches will create the magical world for kids.

Are your ready to enjoy now?

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How to book your kids’ birthday at tiNiWorld

Call us at tiNiWorld hotline:

Some references: Address list and hotline of all tiNiWorld center to know more details.

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