How to make cute birthday invitations for kids


It is certain that all presents for your kids’ birthday should be so cool and special. That is the reason why we cannot ignore preparing many unique birthday invitations for your children. Today, tiNiWord will guide you how to make a special birthday invitation for kids easily. So, let’s take a look.

1/ “Ladybug with messages” invitations

Let’s make this beautiful gift for kids with tiNiWorld now!



  • 3 A-4 colored papers have moderate toughness and can be easily written. Colors: white, black, or other fresh and cheerful tone: red, pink, orange, green and blue.  
  • Scissors
  • Round button metallic staple
  • Colorless glue

How to make:




  • Cut 2 circles (one big white and one small black) to create head and body of ladybug.
  • Cut 2 half-circles to make 2 wings, Make a small notch each wing to create a joint.
  • Carve small hole at the joint of wings, head, body by perforator or use scissors to cut a round slice cleverly.
  • Assemble all shapes together, use a metallic button to pin other parts.
  • Cut small round dots to make polka dots for ladybugs
  • Use glue to stick some parts of ladybugs.

Oh Yeah! Tada, That is not difficult for parents to create beautiful birthday invitations in order to send their own lovely message.


Let’s customize it with different colors and shapes of wings, polka dots to have a more lovely one.

Source: blog.bog-ide

2/ “Folded Rainbow” Invitations

Rainbow is always the nice representative of happiness and luck. It’s wonderful that kids’ birthday should have this cute and sweet gift. If you are worried about the steps to make it, please carefully consider our guidelines.

cách làm thiệp mời sinh nhật

Step 1: Download and print this rainbow shape and then stick 2 parts together. On the rainbow, write about time, place and name of participants. Please note that the printer should give out paper with striking colors. Download here  


Step 3: Stick all edges of the envelope by glue or 2-sided sticking-plaster. Fold carefully by following hatch line in order to make the rainbow arranged tidily inside the envelope.

Step 4: Close the envelope (together with the cloud part at the end of the rainbow).

Step 5: Stick the envelope by cute handmade sticker.



This is how to make a birthday invitation unique in the easy way. Have a happy birthday!

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