What is N KID Family card?

  • NKID Family card is new version of TINIZEN card, you can use it to pay for all services and products of tiNiWorld, including entry ticket.
  • Become owner of this card, parents will save time for payment and earn special promotions: 10% discount for all products and services, save bonus points and get monthly free gift.

How to register for N KID Family 

  • All tiNiWorld, T-CLB and Toyland, Babyland customers will have N KID Family card as soon as they fill in Registration form.
  • You will find registration form at the counter and registration booth of all tiNiWorld centers.

Simply use below syntax to activate your account:

nkid to 8041 (1.000 VND/SMS) (you will be charged SMS fee)


You have to provide correct Name, Mobile Phone, Identity Card Number to successfully activate your account.

Benefit & Promotion account can only be activated after your confirmation of Mobile contact. Please send confirmation SMS to 8041 or activate your account through N KID Family App.

Note: Please provide correct Name, Mobile number, Identity Carnd number to successfully activate your account.

1st way: Send SMS with following syntax: nkid to 8041 ( 1.000 VNĐ/ SMS) (you will be charged SMS fee)

2 nd way: Download and install N KID Family app and follow in-app guide.

To activate spending account, your account must have at least 50.000 VNĐ in account balance after creating.

What you will get when activating NKID Family card

  • Bonus 100 tiNi point when activating N Kid Family account through SMS text or mobile app).
  • Get 50.000 VND immediately to promotion account when downloading N KID Family app and activating new account (only available for account activated on mobile app, not available for account activated by SMS message).
  • Get 30.000 VNĐ immediately to promotion account when refering your friends.

What you will get when using N KID Family card

  • 1.000vnd spent = 1 tiNi point
  • 10% Discount for entry ticket and all tiNi and T-CLB services
  • 5% Discount for products at Toyland and Babyland
  • 15% Discount birthday party package (Basic) or free entry ticket and 50% Discount for products in Toyland and Babyland in birthday of card owner
  • Free tiNiWorld, T-CLB entry ticket and 10% discount for Toyland and Babyland products in each Wednesday when purchasing by N KID Family card

Download N KID Family App to manage your account anytime, anywhere


Terms and Conditions

  • Non-restricted time of use, non refundable
  • Free charge of first-time card issue
  • We don’t take any responsibility for card missing
  • Card replacement fee 20.000vnd
  • tiNi point can’t be added up from multiple accounts, tiNi point will be reset to zero in 30/6 annually. Please exchange tiNi point before resetting time.
  • Please visit nkidfamily.com or N KID Family app to lock your account

Card owner responsibilities

  • Provide full and correct personal information in Registration form of tiNiWorld
  • Don’t transfer or give other people this card to use
  • Present this card when buying products, paying for services at tiNiworld centers

Welcome kids and parents to N KID Family. Let’s start experience our best services. Register N KID Family card today at all tiNiWorld centers!