Recommendation: Good menu for kids under 5


There are many delicious dishes but choosing right birthday menu is not easy because of different taste between kids and adults. Today, tiNiWorld show you instructions to make good dishes on that special date.

Birthday menu for kids under 5

1. Fried chicken balls

thực đơn sinh nhật cho bé

Ingredients: (4 rations)

+ Chicken: 600gram chicken thigh and chests

+ Breadcrumb: 100gram

+ Chicken eggs: 4

+ Salt, pepper flute, cooking oil

– Separate bones from chicken: Add 30gram breadcrumb into chicken and grind together. Break the eggs into the chicken mix, add a spoon of salt, 1 spoon of pepper flute. Mix and marinate them in 10 minutes.

– Knead them into small balls like tennis ones.

– Pour breadcrumb on the plate and break 2 eggs on another plate, pour. Roll these balls over breadcrumb,

– Put the balls into a pan with hot oil boiling, get them fried. Take them on the plate, add some ketchup and eat with French fries.

2. French crepe

  • Flour (235g)
  • White sugar (5g)
  • Egg (3 )
  • Milk (500ml)
  • Melting butter ( 30g)
  • Butter to make pan unsticky when frying
  • Salt


Step 1: Mix flour

Add flour and salt into the big bowl. Break eggs and mix steadily. Pour milk into the bowl and have the loose mix, dissolve the flour smoothly. After that, put melting butter into and mix.  Wait 30 minutes.

Step 2 :Make Crepe

Turn on the stove with small fires. Spread butter to make it unsticky, pour superfluous butter on plate. Bring the pan out of the over, pour 1 spoon of flour in the pan. Pour and lean the pan to generate a thin layer on the surface.

Put the pan on the stove, cook about 1 minute. When the surface becomes drier, turn it over. Fry for 1 more minute until it is finally cooked. Continue to the last crepe cooked.  

You can eat Crepe along with many ingredients: fruits, jam, chocolate,… You only fold them, decorate them in your style, It is so easy to make an amazing dish in your menu.

3. Multi-level Gracilaria

Ingredients for Gracilaria

– Gracilaria flour: 2 packs

– Sugar 400g

– Coconut milk: 1 box

– Pandan

– Coffee: 1 pack 


How to make it:

Step 1:

Put a ½ pack of flour together with 400ml cold water. Wait 15 minutes to flour expansion.

Step 2:

Cook the mix on average fire. When water becomes hotter, add 100g sugar and stir it. When water is boiled, put small fires.

Coconut gracilaria

Step 1:

Stir ½ pack of flour with 200ml water in 15 minutes in order to expand the flour

Step 2:

Boil the mix on the average fires. In hot water, pour 80g-100g sugar and stir slowly. Next, add coconut milk to the mix. Use chopsticks to stir the mix. Until the water is boiled, turn down the fires.

Coffee gracilaria

Step 1:

Pour coffee with little water. Mix ½ pack of flour with 400ml water in 15 minutes to expand the flour.

Step 2:

Boil the mix on the average fires. In hot water, pour 100g sugar and stir slowly. Next, add coffee to the mix. Use chopsticks to stir the mix. Until the water is boiled, turn down the fires.

Panpan gracilaria

Step 1:

Grind and sift panpans into their water. Then mix the water with flour and 400ml cold water. Wait for 15 minutes to expand the flour.

Step 2:

Boil the mix on fires. When it is hotter, add 100g sugar and sir. When water is boiling, turn down the fires.

Complete gracilaria

Step 1:

Turn off the stove containing all mixes.

Step 2:

Use patterns to contain the mix. Pour different levels of glacilaria into the pattern.Be alert! Only pour upper level when the level below is frozen. If the mix is frozen even when it is not put into the pattern, you should boil them again. Gracilaria is really essential dish when parents want to celebrate kids’ birthday.

4. Fried Fishballs


– 600g Pangasius bocourti phi-lê

– 3 bulbs of chopped purple onion

– 5-6 blad of onion heads

– 1 spoon of Tapioca starch

– 1 spoon of corn starch

– ½ cafe spoon of baking powder

– Flavors: 1 spoon of fish sauce, ½ cafe spoon of salt, 3-4 spoon of sugar, 1 spoon of seasoning powder and ½ spoon of pepper flute.


How to make:

Step 1:  Clean pi-lê and make it dry, put it on the blotting paper. Cut it into small slices.  

Step 2: Embalm fish with purple onion, onion, Tapioca Starch, corn starch and baking powder. Mix it steadily.

Step 3: Cover that fish and put in frozen zone in 2h – 3h.

Step 4: Put it into grinder and grind softly.

You can add some fennels or lemon leaves to create some smells. Grind smoothly, no need for these things added. Press fish flatly and put it in the refrigerator. When you want to use, you can shape them and fry or eat with hot pot.

Step 5: Roll into balls in plastic wrap in order not to be sticky. Stay round or press into any shapes.

Step  7: Fry until it turns yellow. Pick up and place them on blotting paper.  

Eat them with chili sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Korean Gimbap

  1. Ingredients:

– 1 pack of seaweed.

– 1/2 rice can, using short ice. Rice should not be cooked too dry, too flabby in order not to be sticky. Next, let rice warm and mix them with little salt and sesame oil.

– 2 carrots: uncovered, cut into long threads. Boil water with little salt and carrots in 1 minute and pick them up.

– 2 cucumbers: cleaned, cut into long threads.

– Fried eggs: cut into long threads. You should fry a thick slice of eggs, so cut slice will be more attractive.

– Sausage: cut into threads.

– Bamboo plates


2.How to make:

– Tile the bamboo plate on the chopping-board and put seaweed on. Note that you should put crude surface up and flat one down, which makes rice be sticky with seaweed.

– Tile rice steadily to cover ⅔ seaweed. Note that the rice is not too thick because kimbap will be too big. There are some straight lines on seaweed, which helps you to align rice.

–  After that, fold other ingredients on, stretch them according to the length of seaweed.

– Keep all ingredients in the right position and gradually roll, shape them to make a tight kimbap.

– When cutting kimbap, use sharp knife and cut into slice with the density of 1-1.5cm.\

– Kimbap can be eated with mayonnaise, soya sauce, or eated with kimchi…

These are some delicious dishes that is so easy for parents to cook. If you want to feel full happiness on your kids’ birthday, let’s place an order of tiNiWorld’s full-package birthday celebration services:

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