tiNiZen card


What is tiNiZen card?
tiNiZen card is convenient payment method for all kind of services at tiNiWorld, including entry ticket. This card is like a “thank you” for all our loyal customers. Using this card, you will save a lot of  time and earn special promotions such as 10 % discount for all services, save bonus point to exchange for presents…

How it works?

  • Recharge online to save time
  • Gain bounus points and exchange points for presents
  • Check account status easily
  • One time created and valuable for unlimited time
  • Disclaim if error exists while using this card
  • Request for new card in case of lost, damaged or stolen (only 1  time per year)

What you will get?

  • Get special promotions  for entry tickets, 10% discount for all services
  • Get special promotions from tiNiWorld’s parties
  • Get free gifts and tickets for your child in his/her birthday
  • Spend and get extra bonus monthly
  • Receive up-to-date news and promotions to your inbox
  • Get special promotion and bonus programs dedicated to tiNiZen card owner

Terms of use

  • Non-restrict time of uses
  • Bonus scores depends on spending report at the end of each month.
  • We are not responsible for any loss case
  • Card re-issue fee: 10,000 VND

Your responsibility

  • Fully, correctly provide your personal informations for us follow tiNiZen registration form.
  • Do not transfer this card to any other people or give this card to any other people to use as his/her own
  • Present this card on all payment process at tiNiWorld centers

Welcome you to become new tiNiZen and start your amazing experiences in tiNiWorld. Still do not have it? Register today at nearest tiNi center!