Top 8 ideal places to celebrate a memorable birthday for kids in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is a large and modern city in Vietnam so there are a lot of choices for parents to look for a suitable birthday celebration place.

This is the reason why tiNiWorld proudly shares about 10 perfect places for this special day.

1/ Lang Nuong Nam Bo Restaurant


With the advantage of big area and beautiful decor, parents who need solemn party with the style of traditional South Vietnam. One more strength is the menu of various dishes.

Suggested to birthday of one year-old baby, and party with over 30 participants.

2/ Viva Lounge Restaurant:


Viva Lounge brings you new experience with many delicious European-styled dishes for the whole family. With a peaceful precinct split from fast-moving life out there, Kids and family can have a wonderful party together.

Suggested to birthday of one year-old baby, kids’ birthday and party with about 15-20 participants.

3/ tiNiWorld PlayCenter


The most modern PlayCenter for kids in Vietnam has beautiful view and a lot of different playing corners. This is really wise choice of parents to express their love and care for kids. Also, the birthday corner is decorated like scenery in fairy tale story. Let’s take note for new birthday experience that all kids desire to have.

Suggested to birthday party with main participants are kids, quantity from 10-30 people.

4/ Cay Du Restaurant


Let’s take a quick look at next choice: Cay Du Restaurant. A solemn, fresh space with delicious drink and food is good points for this place. Additionally, all food is totally fresh with careful check. It also adds some green leaves and cool air conditioners to make clean and cool environment for kids.

Suggested to birthday of one year-old baby, kids’ birthday

5/ Hoang Lan Restaurant


Enjoy special day of your kids in a solemn hall is nice pick that all well-off parents should consider. A prestigious and open space will make that date become more special.

Suggested to birthday of one year-old baby, and party with over 20-40 participants.

6/ Vuon Cau Restaurant


This restaurant has an ancient and peaceful beauty. Moreover, you can be surprised because it has celebrated lots of big events. It is thanks to the modern equipment and traditional but delicious dishes.

Suggested to birthday of one year-old baby, kids’ birthday and party with over 20-40 participants.

7/ Lotteria Fast Food Restaurant


KFC is gradually improving their exclusive birthday pack for kids. In spite of small space, KFC always charms kids by preparing cute and nice dishes. Every kid can have unforgettable memos about this wonderful party.

Suggested to birthday of one-year baby, kids’ birthday.

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