tiNi Mission – Beat challenges the right way

Nowadays, tighter daily schedule makes it harder and harder for parents to spend time with their kids. As a result, after school time, kids have no other choices but to spend their time playing with smart devices, which leads to limited time for outdoor activities. The wrong way of playing also causes harmful consequences in kids, such as: stress, limitation in logical thinking and creative ability…

Understanding those concerns of parents, in the effort to address them, tiNiWorld has conducted researches and introduced tiNi Mission – the special playing program for kids which helps them develop all 4 essential skills: exploration, physic, communication, art, through the completion of the program’s 6 challenges and reach 150 reward points. After finishing all the challenges, kids will get the tiNi Mission Certification which can be exchanged for tiNi Points. tiNi Mission is now available in all tiNiWorld’s centers.

6 challenges of tiNi Mission include:

  • juNo Challenge: games/challenges related to movement, agility and sportsmanship
  • teRa Challenge: games/challenges related to puzzles, scientific knowledge
  • piCa Challenge: games/challenges related to art: singing, dancing, handmade, drawing…
  • kiLo Challenge: games/challenges that help kids develop the independence and social awareness
  • Communication Skill Challenge: games/challenges that help improve social communication skills, self-confidence, and teamwork
  • Family Connection Challenge: games/challenges that tighten family’s connection

tiNi Mission gives kids the chance to experience all the play corners in tiNiWorld, participate in the journey to overcome the daily-changing challenges and earn valuable rewards. Each and every challenge in tiNiWorld is aimed to help kids achieve the well-rounded development, explore themselves and connect kids with their parents. With tiNi Mission, kids will have exciting and meaningful moment with their family and friends, under the guidance of Play Expert.

In April which has many Vietnamese traditional days, tiNiWorld has upgraded tiNi Mission to a new edition in the theme of Folk Art, with challenges including iconic folk games: Mandarin square capturing, Tug of war, Stilt walking, Dragon snake, Blind man’s buff…

Take your kids to tiNiWorld and they will have a never-seen-before experience with tiNi Mission!

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